Senior Software Engineer (Santa Clara, CA)

Wi-Fi Alliance is a global trade organization that prizes collaboration. Wi-Fi Alliance staff work with cutting edge technology in a dynamic and inspiring work culture that supports a strong work/life balance, new opportunities, and individual growth.  Regardless of discipline, all who work at Wi-Fi Alliance contribute to delivering the terrific user experience for which Wi-Fi is known.

Job Site: 3408 Garrett Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Job Title: Senior Software Engineer (Santa Clara, CA)

Job Duties: Responsible for developing & supporting test automation software.  Duties include:

  1. Design, develop and debug software applications using Python, Perl/CGI scripting, C#, C, C++, Java EE technologies, XML, JSON & Sqlite3 databases;
  2. Implement automation software to control wireless, mobile, desktop devices and check interoperability between multiple Wi-Fi chipsets;
  3. Automate analysis of Wireshark sniffer captures;
  4. Develop traffic generator to transmit and receive QoS data packets for Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM), calculate and check wireless throughput;
  5. Work on networking modules to communicate using Ethernet network sockets, evaluate responses from devices and generate automation logs;
  6. Implement security modules using GnuPG & Sqlite3 databases to ensure integrity of scripts controlling wireless devices, logs & network configurations;
  7. Troubleshoot with engineers handling radio frequency, wireless stations & access points, device drivers, firmware, mobile application;
  8. Implement network communications module, checksum based file security, front-end controller and standalone APIs using Python and SQLite databases;
  9. Develop & maintain wireless traffic generator to transmit and receive TCP, UDP, Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) QoS packets from Windows and Linux platform endpoints, perform throughput analysis;
  10. Work on implementation of automation software for 802.11ax technologies like uplink/downlink MU OFDMA, transmit beamforming, MU-MIMO, Target Wakeup Time (TWT), 160MHz High Efficiency (HE) transmission & reception;
  11. Implement wireless sniffer agent using Perl to process Wireshark/tshark captures, parse neighbor reports, check wireless frame timing & sequence, analyze responses to injected wireless frames, determine whether access point is performing the correct RU allocation;
  12. Work on wireless sniffer agent in Perl to analyze Wireshark captures of single & multi-burst Fine Timing Measurement (FTM) frame exchanges;
  13. Integrate wireless packet sniffer driver APIs & control commands to control direction of antenna and time duration to capture packets for analysis;
  14. Develop TCL functions/APIs to telnet and execute sets of configuration commands based on parameters passed by control scripts from central Python console;
  15. Implement Discovery Window (DW) time based, relational (2.4GHz & 5GHz spectrums), frame/bit checks & Perl subroutines in wireless sniffer agent application to parse wireless packet outputs & report results to central console;
  16. Develop Device Under Test (DUT) functions/interfaces in C programming language for Linux OS distributions;
  17. Debug wireless chipset interoperability issues with Wi-Fi member companies;
  18. Perform unit testing, packaging & distribution to QA for verification;
  19. Handle software releases for Wi-Fi Test Suite;
  20. Work on reported software issues for 11n, Miracast, HDCP 2.0, PMF, VHT, P2P, TDLS Wi-Fi technologies;
  21. Merge enhancements and fixes from development & maintenance branches into trunk/master and perform continuous integration;
  22. Work on migration of Subversion source code repositories to Git and implement synchronization between different source code hosting solutions;
  23. Review source code commits, perform restructuring and cleanup;
  24. Setup and contribute to Wi-Fi Alliance open source project Github repositories; and
  25. Create software installation and operation documentation.

Position requirements: Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or related field plus 3 years’ experience with design and development of network, multi-threaded, database, embedded, and distributed applications and with object-oriented programming and design to include design patterns & various software architectures.

Special Requirements: Experience must also include the following and may be gained concurrently:

  1. 3 years’ experience with C, C++, Python, Perl;
  2. 3 years’ experience diagnosing and troubleshooting software systems;
  3. 3 years’ experience with Scrum and agile frameworks for software development;
  4. 2 years’ experience working with wireless 802.11 technologies for routers, access points, clients, network registrars;
  5. 2 years’ experience automating Wireshark, Tshark wireless network capturing and analysis tools;
  6. 3 years’ experience with client/server and peer-to-peer ethernet network socket programming with C;
  7. 2 years’ experience working on design and development with MySQL, Sqlite3 relational database management systems;
  8. 2 years’ experience with Git, Subversion Source Code Management and Continuous Integration; and
  9. 2 years’ experience with build and release of software packages on Windows and Linux.

 To learn more & to apply online at  & reference Job Code WI-020

This position is located in Santa Clara, California, no relocation is available.  To learn more about Wi-Fi Alliance, please visit our website at  Wi-Fi Alliance participates in E-Verify.  For more information, please refer to


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