Wi-Fi® at the core of enterprise networks

Wi-Fi is the networking technology of choice in enterprise environments. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ devices offer industry-standard security protections and performance that enterprise network managers expect. Wi-Fi Alliance® continues to develop certification programs and technologies to support enterprise applications, including Voice-Enterprise, WMM-Admission Control, WPA2-Enterprise with Protected Management Frames and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac: Bringing higher performance to enterprise networks

The latest generation of Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac, builds on the established fundamentals of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n and brings even higher performance to enterprise networks by increasing its speed and capacity and making more efficient use of the wireless spectrum.

With the dramatic increase in employees bringing their own devices (BYOD) like tablets, smartphones, and laptops into the workplace, networks can rely on Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac to handle heavy traffic and growing connectivity demands to enable increased flexibility and productivity of a mobile workforce.

Enterprise networks implementing Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac continue to support WPA2-Enterprise with Protected Management Frames, providing enterprise-standard security with strong data protection for multiple users and large managed networks. Protected Management Frames provides protection for unicast and multicast management action frames.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac provides greater capacity to enable more enterprise applications that require higher throughput, including multimedia and video conferencing. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED programs provide a third-party seal of approval for interoperability and security of enterprise-grade equipment. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED interoperability certificate is the definitive record of a product's testing.

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